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In the beginning, Benidorm was just a small fishing village.

The reason that Benidorm's skyscrapers have been spread out so pleasantly is all thanks to the town's mayor back in the 1950s. He foresaw the potential of Benidorm as a major tourist destination and his vision was to transform the small fishing village in to a holiday paradise. Subsequently a new, dynamic, more comfortable city layout than that witnessed in many other Spanish tourist resorts was designed and born.

then it became the first package holiday destination in the swinging 60s

In 1954, Pedro Zaragoza Orts (who sadly died in 2008), now credited as the "inventor of the package holiday", created a city building plan to revolutionize the small village of Benidorm and turn it into a vibrant tourist resort.

Church bishops tried to remove Orts from his official post. They felt that his plans would pervert the morals of the average Spaniard. But totally unperturbed by their standpoint, this man of great determination, jumped straight on to his small motorbike and took his ideas directly to General Franco himself in Madrid.

Through sheer determination then Orts was eventually given the go-ahead and his groundbreaking building plan ensured that every building in Benidorm would have its own area of "leisure", thus guaranteeing a future free of the excesses of cramped construction suffered in other Spanish resorts.

Benidorm is the only city in Spain that still adheres to such rigid construction guidelines, as restrictions are still in place today with regard to outward property development. To emphasise this point and to see for yourself just how green Benidorm actually is, then all you have to do is climb to the top of the Sierra Helada, that is the headland at the end of the Rincon de Loix, and look down. From there you will see an impressive town with many "leisure" areas, built alongside a range of stunning mountains.

Fiesta fun

Not surprising then that Benidorm became one of the most popular and fastest growing holiday destinations in Europe throughout the 60s, 70s and 80s.

In order to provide the necessary services for this overwhelming influx of tourists, however, people came from all over Spain to live and work in Benidorm. Thousands of people from far and wide, bringing with them their own customs and traditions. And as a result of such diversity, Benidorm now celebrates 56 different fiestas every year.

Benidorm today

Thanks to its tourist-orientated economy modern day Benidorm boasts a vibrant hotel industry, celebrated award winning beaches and contemporary skyscrapers. In actual fact Benidorm is now recognised as the high-rise capital of southern Europe, with over 330 skyscrapers in its midst.

It has long been a favourite destination for the British. A place where good weather is pretty much guaranteed all year round, thus making it attractive to both families with young children in the Summer and also to the more mature visitor wishing to escape the freezing UK temperatures during the Winter months.

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